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LT Cables

There are many options of cables that we at PrAnuj Electricals provide for a divergent requirements of applications. Low tension cables are as diverse as they are required in their applications. Whether copper/aluminium/armoured /unarmoured/ fire resistantFR/or fire retardant zero halogen FRZH.

The solid or stranded copper/ aluminium cables are insulated with cross linked polyethylene (XLPE) or pvc compound as per requirements of the IS for various cored cables. They are then laid up in cores as per required and bunched together by laying process with appropriate lay length.

These laid up cores are then inner sheathed with wrapped pvc tape or extruded pvc sheathing. If required armouring is then done by GI round wires or strip wires wound on this inner sheath. These laid up cores duly inner sheathed and armoured are then inner sheathed with PVC/FR PVC/FRLS PVC or FRZH sheathing compound.

HT Cables

LT Cables

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